Third Meeting

By Aubrey

September 12 2022, 8:13pm

I'm doing this blog post a bit earlier then usual. If Mr. Badger didn't read this, I would say that I got stumped on something and needed a break. Since he sadly does read this, I'll just say that this counts as documenting. I came late to the meeting since I had dance. But one of the first things Spencer said to me when I came was "you're ugly." One like = one bandage for my shattered confidence. I almost forgot! GABE HAS RETURNED!!!!! Hes CADing with Cayden right now. Dan, Spencer, and Trent are building our next proto-type. Sodi and Matt are programming... something. You never really know what those two are doing ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I built a little, and then got our lab notebook all ready. I read Game Manual part one. I don't know what else to write in here, but I'm having fun witting this. Trent brought snacks, but I cant eat any cause I'm gluten free. :( Gabe and Cayden seem to like them. They have a huge pile of wrappers next to them. I should stop writing before I turn into a pumpkin.


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