Sixth Meeting

By Aubrey

September 15 2022, 8:12pm

Today, everyone was in deep hatred. The hatred was as thicc as my dog Lucy (Shes fat). It was SO thicc, that you could feel the tension in the air. All of that hatred, went back to Spencer. I wasn't here yesterday, but apparently Spencer tried being a leader (I know). He made a big oopsies (as Dan would say). He gave.. FALSE INFORMATION :0. I honestly don't really know what really happened, but this meeting they had to re-do ALL of there work from yesterdays meeting. Everyone was working. Silently glaring at Spencer with hatred. JUST KIDDING! There was -0% silents. But I had to listen to them complaining for like, the whole meeting. And I had to listen to them making nut jokes. Pray for my sanity. Matt and Sodi were being the good lads they are, and programmed silently in they're little programming room. Cayden was struggling (with what I heard) in CAD. Gabe was... building? Mr. Badger was eating cookies :3. BUT DON'T WORRY!! He wont get fat cause he was eating them upside down. I was documenting this meeting. I didn't want to get in on the anti Spencer movement.
See you tomorrow!
Ps. Nobody was missing this meeting. Quite a rare sight.

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